Welcome to Tech Nerd Tees, where tech skills are the ultimate flex!

Do you remember when nerds weren't cool? Yea, neither do we. ;-)

Whether you do or don't, the days of nerds being picked on for being incomprehensibly cool are long gone. These days, tech nerds rule the world, having contrived, designed and built platforms that literally consume the attention of the masses. Try taking away someone's phone or social media and you'll see. If they only knew who's behind this amazing technology they can't break away from, they'd *bow down* and worship us for sure. But they don't know, because we haven't told them. That is, until now.

My fellow tech nerds, we've been humble long enough. It's time to let the world know who we are and what we do. Whether you're a Product Manager, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Developer, Engineer, Digital Marketer, or whatever your role is in bringing tech products to life, it's time that you flex those skills. As you know "flexing" is all about showing off and we've designed some flex-worthy products for the nerd in you/your life.

Whether you're here to grab some braggadocious merch for yourself or for the special nerd(s) in your life--so nice of you--we're happy you've stopped by and hope you can find something to "flex on 'em" in the office, on a video call, at your next tech conference, meeting, or grocery store run. Hey, there's never a bad time to let folks know they're in the presence of greatness.

You ready to start flexing? Let's go!

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